Rove Concepts

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Used Adobe XD to design engaging nurture and sale-focused email newsletter layouts to be implemented on Klaviyo.
Project Type:
Marketing, Sales Promotion
Jan 2022 - Jul 2023 (3+ newsletters per week)
My Role:
Layout Design, Email Marketing, Campaign Execution
Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Klaviyo


To design email layouts to support site promotions, boost customer engagement, and showcase luxury furniture pieces.


I collaborated with a copywriter to create on-brand email layouts that often had a theme and featured product photos & UGC.

Rove Concepts is a Vancouver-based luxury furniture company that has tapped into markets worldwide. During my time at Rove Concepts, I worked on the marketing team as a Marketing & Sales Promo Coordinator. The multifaceted role involved design work, campaign execution, and website management.

Design Work

My tenure at Rove Concepts honed my passion for crafting visually stunning designs. Leveraging Adobe XD, Photoshop, and Illustrator, I curated an array of captivating customer-centric emails, ranging from nurture sequences to enticing sales newsletters. I collaborated closely with a copywriter and email marketing manager to strategize content to include a mix of UGC and product knowledge. These meticulously crafted emails, showcasing opulent furniture pieces, and exclusive customer programs, were sent to ~100K+ customers multiple times each week.

In addition to email designs, I also designed homepage and landing page banner assets, optimized for both desktop and mobile. These designs allowed me to experiment with different design styles and conduct industry research on layouts done by other companies.

Campaign Execution

Beyond design, I spearheaded the execution of campaigns on Klaviyo, an email automation platform. Our approach encompassed rigorous A/B testing, refining elements such as subject lines and content structures for optimal engagement. I saw our campaigns from inception to post-send performance evaluation to ensure our emails were effective in driving customers to our product pages.

Website Management

I was responsible for uploading and scheduling e-commerce features such as banners, announcement bars, timers, and vouchers to support ongoing promotions. During peak sale periods, I organized sale and product landing pages to feature products from different room categories. I worked closely with front-end and back-end developers to ensure that marketing initiatives were deployed on the website.