Hi, I'm Steffi – a Vancouver-based product designer who is always curious and drawn to creating pleasing designs.

With 8+ years of graphic design experience and a professional background in marketing, I am a huge advocate for effective visual communication that understands and speaks to the user's needs.

Growing up, I always knew I wanted a career that focused on making things look nice simply because beautiful layouts spark joy in me. This lifelong passion along with my educational background in business has allowed me to find a balance in creating stunning, human-centered design solutions that are also driven by data and business goals.

I am always open to meeting new people so feel free to connect if you have something exciting you'd like to collaborate on together!

A few of my favourite things...

Outside of my design work, I am an admirer of other people's artistic work.

I'm a film enthusiast who is captivated by thoughtful storytelling, cinematography, and mise en scène. I love easter eggs. I can spend hours learning and talking about the filmmaker's creative decisions as well as the lore behind each small detail within a piece of media.

This enthusiasm also extends to my love for music, Broadway plays, and even traveling. These avenues are often the sources of inspiration for my own creations.

A quick glance of my experience: